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Anonymous asked:
I feel worthless. I'm so tired and depressed all the time and I can't get out of it. I've started going to a psychologist but its not doing much.... And I've been cut-free for over two months now, but I've been wanting to so badly lately. Sorry to bother you with this :/

You aren’t worthless and I’m sorry you feel like that. Going to a psychologist is great though, it just may take some time until you start feeling better and I’m glad you’ve been cut-free for two months, please don’t start doing it again. I know things may seem hard right now, but you just have to try to get over it. I know it may seem impossible, but it’s not. There are people that are there for you, just talk to them. Everything will get better, I promise.

Anonymous asked:
honest advice? i like this kid but i dont know were its going. i mean we have a great time together & everthing. but im sure all he wants to do is fuck. should i keep taking to him?

Keep talking and hanging out with him and don’t have sex with him if you don’t want to. Take it slow and see where it goes. If he stops talking to you because you won’t have sex with him, then you have your answer. 

cuadclops asked:
Hi. I just found this blog through a link on a photo I reblogged. I certainly impressed about you both. You're helping a lot of people here. Just wanted to congratulate you, and encourage you to keep going. Greetings from a little place in Mexico :)

Thank you so much, that really means a lot to hear. (: 

Anonymous asked:
How do you get over your first love? First everything. He left me, told me a lot of things to make me question myself. And now flaunts every girl he speaks to, and the appearances he prefers in my face. I know that should be excuse enough. But its just making me hate myself for not being that way :'(

This may sound cheesy as hell, but nothing makes you get over somebody except time. You’re going to be sad for a while about it, but one day you will wake up and it won’t hurt as bad. Surround yourself with friends and family, and maybe go on a date now and then. Flirt a little. Don’t focus all your energy on him and soon enough he will just be a blimp on your timeline. 

Anonymous asked:
A friend of mine died about a week ago, ive known him since kindergarten, and i dont know how to cope with it. When im with my friends i try to stay strong, i dont want to break down in front of them (they didnt know him that well) and i feel like im bothering them with it..

They may not have known him.. but they know you. And they should understand how much he meant to you. Don’t be scared to talk to them about it, and break down, and be vulnerable. Your friends should be there to help you through it, if they aren’t then you need other friends, ones who are there for you. Being around friends and family and them helping you through it will be the only way you get by. 

Anonymous asked:
2 of 2: his grades are also worsening and he is letting go of a lot of people who truly care for him and have been there for him during all the ups and downs. please dont tell me to let him to figure it out and i know its bad to break them up but we need to. please dont teach me about morals just give me sneaky ideas

I understand why you want to break them up, but I can’t give you any ways to break someone up. That would only cause more problems then it would fix. If he gets so depressed when he is away from her, imagine how he would be if they broke up. He would be devastated. The best thing you can do is confront him about it and tell him how you think he is falling behind in his studies and everything. 

Anonymous asked:
1 of 2: okay so how do you break up a couple when you are close to both the girl and the guy. my friend and i have been really close with the guy for a really long time and ever since his relationship started, it has effected him and negatively changed him. he is happy when he is with her but he gets really depressed whenever he is away from her no matter how long. he has been dedicated to playing D1 baseball in college for years and lately she has distracted him and he is getting off track.
Anonymous asked:
all my friends turned on me. they want nothing to do with me because i hurt them. not intentionally but they're not there anymore. i moved states and now i have no one cause i have no friends. i cry myself to sleep. please help or idki just want to vent.

Sometimes friends are so expendable. If you’re in a new state, make new ones. Go to places like a coffee shop, or a concert, and be friendly. Get a job and meet people there. Everywhere you go there are new people for you to meet. Put yourself out there and find new people. 

Anonymous asked:
help. i've been suicidal for quite a while now. but now my thoughts are a wreck, and i want to do it more than ever now. please, all i need are some words that will keep me here. i'm not looking for that "things will get better, you and life are beautiful" crap. i'm looking for non-cliche reasons to stay. please... i know i shouldn't do it, but i just need a few words to get me through, at least for the next few weeks or so.

I don’t know how old you are, but I can guarantee you are under 20.. your life has barely begun. Things may suck right now, but you have the ability to change it. You have the power to live, and begin a life that you want to live. You have so many more opportunities to change and grow and love and have sex, and do things you want to do. Give yourself a year. Get a job and save money, move somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, start over, do things that make you happy. 

Anonymous asked:
Yeah. You are cute... Speaking the truth!

Thank you :)